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I have found my Release…

I never got into bookselling for the Money; though a bit more money would be nice….It’s more about discovery…finding books, authors, people who agree and challenge you! The relationships we forge. There’s a little big of Ego too when customers come back for more of your recommendations…

…And the icing on this particular cake; well Arcs; advanced reading copies so you can tell others of things to come! Maybe you can be part of forming future trends and opinions.Bloggers and Booksellers alike rip open these packages from publishers with glee. In fact many bloggers record and upload this transaction to let others into this ‘auspicious’ frenzy. These book parcels can be wanted (sometimes unwanted) debuts and continuations, signed by authors and limited editions, books you didn’t know you needed and ones you have been waiting for.


My latest excitement came from the folks of Walker books; who seem to know me too well! Roll up Release; the latest YA novel from Carnegie Award winning Patrick Ness. Now I have followed Patrick’s career since 2009 when I picked up The Knife of Never Letting Go and was blown away by the world created. I devoured that trilogy and others followed. The exquisite writing style and the fully fleshed characters and the tears, oh god, I have cried in public over his words!

Release is a Contemporary YA Gem focusing on Adam Thorne and his attempts at trying to deal with the variety of relationships in his life; his Religious father, his best friend, his old love and his new. Each chapter, As Adam deals with sex, love and heartbreak, another story is lurking in the wings…one that is otherworldly. 300 Pages and it packs one hell of a punch…if you do one thing this year Read Release and live a day as Adam Thorne; maybe you already have…

Release out 4th May 2017; published by Walker Books



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