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Epic Fantastical Panel Extravaganza


Third floor….home furnishings…sorry flashbacks umm Waterstones Piccadilly.

Yesterday I had the good fortune to attend the Epic Fantasy panel at Waterstones Piccadilly. We helped ourselves to wine and seats not to near the front though near enough…we were an eager crowd after all. We waited and then waited some more contemplating our lives, navels, bank balances vs books brought, who lit the first flame (delete as appropriate)

And then…the parting of the red sea aka the author arrived…Let’s introduce them shall we:

Jen Williams: Author of the Cooper Cat Trilogy and new book Ninth Rain. Fierce doodler and flipper of tropes

Ed Cox: Author of the Relic Guild Trilogy. Not so fierce a doodler but has an opinion or three. Time motherflipper…

Nicholas Eames: Author of Kings of the Wyld. New Blood to the panel umm…altar of fantasy?! Turned all the way up to 11…


Rebecca Levene : Author of The Hollow Gods duo soon too be a trio. Can world build like some Tripped out monkeys doing a flat-pack

Mark De Jagar : Author of Infernal and a fave of my fave blogger The Dark Dictator….Gurrl! Questionable Google History.


This event was chaired by Leila aka Dystocalypse. Posing the questions and generally maintaining ordered at this particular corral.

Plus book royalty in the crowd aka Aliette de Bodard and Liz De Jager. Laughs were had, books were brought and questions were asked and answered with a similar ferociousness to Paxman.

Now I am lucky in this life to have a great circle of friends; similar movie tastes, the odd outing to a museum or gallery and plentiful coffee/cake combo brunches but unfortunately they are no sci-fi/fantasy readers! Get a new circle of friends some may shout but no I have learnt to fly solo and with the fab bunch of people in Piccadilly Waterstones Last Night, and I include the authors in this, that was awesome!

Plus Jen Doodled a Bird…


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