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Down and out in Holborn… (Sci-Fi now!)

Never meet your heroes the old saying says….what about your author heroes? What about those men and women who make you question the world around you, the status quo of things. At the weekend I had such an opportunity when meeting Cory Doctorow; much loved sci-fi author and the latest addtion to the Chocolate box of goodies that is Head Of Zeus’s Sci-Fi List.

I must admit I have only read one of Cory’s works in the past; his debut Down and out in the Magic Kingdom (first published 2003) though I am certainly not a novice to the world of speculative ficiton. I remember loving how this book questioned morality through a world where mortality was no longer an issue…I remember filing it away on an ‘authors I must read more of’ list in my head…a list that develops a mind of its own….

We, publishing folk, myself and a colleague and Cory of course, sat down in a trendy Holborn gaff and spoke of politics, of books, of all the important things and the mental list updated itself…you should read more Cory Doctorow…

Walkaway, Cory’s new novel publishing April, promises more questioning of that world and this, of Utopias and how to cheat death? Basically a damn good time…I think I shall start (again) here….Cory

Posted on 16th January 2017 in