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The Regulars

by Georgia Clark
The book cover for The Regulars by Georgia Clark

A fantastic and somewhat guilty pleasure read… with layers!

In The Regulars we follow three girls trying to make it in New York, so far so ‘The Girls’. There’s a character for everyone to root for, to sympathise with and to see yourself in… Evie the wannabe Journalist, Krista the struggling actress and Willow the ‘artistic talent’.

The introduction of the magic potion aka Pretty is where things get dark and juicy….the ideas of perfection and beauty are brought to the surface as each character gets to live their ideal life. Krista is suddenly cast in the lead role, Evie is in front of the camera and Willow has finally achieved artistic success. However It soon become apparent that the beautiful people aren’t so beautiful after all…

I really enjoyed Georgia Clark’s book and the growth of each character; some of the scenes were shocking and I loved it even more for this….I definitely won’t look at an trophy the same way again! This was ‘Abso-Totally’ a fun read and I recommend to all fans of Lace by Shirley Conrad and The Group by Mary McCartney.

Posted on 12th October 2016 in