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The Magic Places

by Elizabeth Jenner
The book cover for The Magic Places by Elizabeth Jenner

‘Tom was grinning at her, in the same way he had that morning after the cave, and in that instant, she knew why.It was here too, pockets of that mysterious, trembling, wonderful darkness…’

The Magic Places by Elizabeth Jenner was one of those books that surprised me. One that creeps up and overtakes your thoughts completely. It is not a book of events or crash bang explosions but one of quietness and wonder.

We follow the story of Claire; one of life’s dreamers as she remembers back to a Summer long ago. This idyllic summer was marred with a tragedy; one is some ways that Claire thinks she could of stopped. As the story moves backwards and forwards from this tragic summer to modern day I was swept up into it.

As Claire goes about a quite uneventful present her world comes crashing in when she is reunited with a blast from the past.

The Magic Places is an exceptional debut and one that I certainly lost myself in! The story covers so many themes from childhood and love to memory and magic.I would definitely recommend to fans of Jon McGregor and Kent Haruf.


Published by Arcadia Books 2017.  Copies are available to buy in store and at any other good bookshop.

Posted on 12th August 2017 in