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Seven Days of You

by Cecilia Vinesse
The book cover for Seven Days of You by Cecilia Vinesse

A perfect YA to blow away those wintry cobwebs….

Seven days of you is a love letter to Tokyo, to our idealistic youth. We follow Sophia as she struggles through her last seven days in the neon metropolis; to say good-bye to friends and would-be love interests as her family relocates to the US.  Sophia is an interesting and flawed protagonist. I have seen reviews describing Sophia as annoying but I think no more so then every teen that knows better (I include myself in this at ages 14-18 and slightly onward)

As the days tick by Sophia is surprised by who her real friends are and who she can trust and also just what exactly she means to these people. The writing style and descriptions of Tokyo are so beautifully done; I can taste the Meiji goodness from here. This book is for fans of Stephanie Perkins and just those who want a chance to escape…

You can tell this is a personal project for Cecilia and all I can says is thanks for letting us imagine your Tokyo!

Published by Hachette and on sale now here and at other fantastic bookshops. (But you should buy it from here)

Posted on 23rd May 2017 in