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Epiphany Jones

by Michael Grothaus
The book cover for Epiphany Jones by Michael Grothaus

Quite the debut, thrilling, complex and incredibly dark!

Jerry, the main protaganist, has lived, so far, quite the traumatic life and now suffers from seeing figuments…most of which feature his dead sister Emma. When a robbery happens at the gallery he works at things soon go from bad to craptastic! Enter Epiphany Jones…another hallucination or Jerry’s saviour…well with all the twists and turns in this novel it ain’t always that easy a distinction to make!
The character development is so unique and interesting; quite often you go from hating Jerry to loving him all in the space of one chapter. I also really enjoyed the back story of Epiphany…like a cross between The Dragon’s tattoo and a Chuck Palahniuk novel she is the ultimate flawed heroine. This novel will shock, entertain and ultimately stay with you long after you have finished. Incredible!

Posted on 11th October 2016 in